Helping members learn

It’s a great way to recruit and retain

UNISON provides a wide range of learning opportunities for our members – and they are also a great way of getting non-members to join. And they have a huge effect on whether members decide to stay with the union.

Just look at the stats.

According to Unionlearn, 50% of non-union members who take part in a union learning event or activity go on to join the union.

Download the latest facts and figures from Unionlearn

And UNISON’s own research says that when new joiners experience the help the union provides in learning and acquiring life skills, they are much more likely to remain a member.

We offer members and recruits the chance to

  • develop self-confidence;
  • teach you about yourself;
  • become more active and involved around issues that concern you;
  • tackle change and uncertainty at work;
  • progress your career;
  • learn for fun and personal development.

Many courses are free and learners may be entitled to time off work to attend them. They are designed to be friendly and informal, with practical exercises and no long lectures or exams.

So as part of your Go for Growth planning in November, why not advertise UNISON’s learning opportunities as a benefit and reason to join and stay in the union? Perhaps hold learning and recruitment stalls at workplaces?

Contact your region or organising staff for help – and get in touch with UNISON learning and organising services (see link below) if you need more materials to feature on your stall.


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